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Our four digital ecosystems

Smart Tourism

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in the economy of a country. From Aceccat we provide value to the Smart Tourism and innovation on the region or tourist ecosystem, while giving more importance to the experiences that people want to live in the XXI century.

Our idea is that those who visit a city or territory must return home with a unique and unforgettable memories of his experiences. This will generate positive stimuli to help us that these people happen again and to share their visit. Under this perspective comes a unique project TourismXX1e / TurismoXX1e / TurismeXX1e / TurismoXX1e globally.

Digital Health

The development of the digital ecosystem health or digital ehealth is developed under two main perspectives and own:

  • The axis of professionals (doctors, health professionals etc …) who need technological tools to perform many tasks and success of your day.
  • The focus of the new relationship between the medical community and patients century. In particular we are concerned Aceccat improve this relationship is of great importance among them and that is why we are fully involved in a project as exciting as HealthXX1e.

E - Learning

We are used to seeing the issue of education as a process of learning children but in reality isn’t just that.

Today more than living in the era of knowledge, we are the “learning society” that is all we are called to constantly learn new things that will be useful, both immediately and in the future.

However, although many colleges and universities are teaching their students the knowledge-based paradigms of the twentieth century.

Smart Markets

In the digital ecosystem we call Smart FinanXX1e Markets, we seek to enhance both the efficiency and the effectiveness of work processes for industry and business management through the application of technology solutions and cutting-edge digital tools disruptive.
We address relevant segments like:

  • business management
  •  industry 4.0
  • new forms of financing for startups and SMEs (crowdfunding crowdlending, time banks, etc …)

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The change continues to be technological, cultural change is  still  under development

Eduardo Torrellas

Medical Virtual Market

The change we are experiencing is brutal, just think about BigData and quantum computing

Jordi González Pons


We went from “to have” to “to have access to”. We went from giving value to things to giving value to talent.

Angel Mediavilla

Bit de Tiza